"Same Souls", 4th Chapter (Part 1) - Empty Space

WARNING: This chapter deals with themes like racism and bullying. If you feel uncomfortable, just leave.
One year later...
Pleasantview have never been so calm and quiet. No news about murders or violence, and especially that girl, Kaylynn, was really strange. Always at her house, alone, apparently doing nothing crazy, dangerous or illegal. She seemed to be doing good. Was that about to change?

- C'mon Dirk, you'll be late to school! - Darleen called her son. The 9-year old boy appeard in the ground floor, bored.
- I don't want to go to school. The other kids hate me - he told with a sad face. Darleen got worried. She knew how Dirk was really sensitive and anything could bring him down, and how kids could be cruel to each other.
- Why do you think they hate you? - she asked.
- They keep telling me I can't play with them because I'm hopeless at football, they had very wrong ideas about me because of my skin color and calling me "faggot" - Dirk told. Darleen noticed a tear rolling down his face. She got alarmed. At first she though it was just the kids playing, but we were talking about bullying. About racism. If those kids were like that at the age of 9, she was afraid of them as adults. 20 years later they would be the kind of people who think black people are all criminals, muslims are all terrorists, etc. As a black woman in a mainly white country, she knew how it looked like to be constantly harrassed, teased, sexualized, and if she tried to raise her voice, she would be called "the angry black woman". But, back to the kids, she was shocked. "Something MUST be done!" she thought.
- Talk to your teacher. The other kids can't treat you like that, that's bullying! - she was screaming. Dirk was terrified.
- B-b-b-but if I do that, they will call me "whiner" or something, "faggot" is already enough...
Darleen screamed inside. Eternal screaming. No, her kid COULDN'T be one of those kids who never question themselves and the others about nothing, never complain about something that offends them because it could be worse. No, she would teach him to stand up for himself and fight for his rights.
- Listen, honey: you're a HUMAN BEING, just like your classmates, and so you deserve respect. Stand up for your rights. It not makes you a "whiner", you're actually your own hero - Darleen hugged him - But, of course, you can't to EVERYTHING by yourself. If you need help, ask for help. But try to be your own hero, ok darling?
- Ok mommy - Dirk kissed his mother's cheek - Thank you so much.
- Don't forget, I'm here for you - Darleen smiled. She gave her son a pat on the back. Not so far of them, someone was watching them. But it wasn't Darren. "Hello again" the person thought for him/herself, looking at Darleen "Get ready to met hell".
"Day off, sweet day off" Darleen thought. She had spent her day watching soap operas and reading, and now it was time for lunch. As she would have lunch alone for this time, she was thinking about lasagna. Lasagna was good, she loved lasagna. However, she noticed something different in the kitchen. Some wires seemed to be cuted. And not by the nature or by the life. By someone.
"Ok, this is weird" she thought to herself and just put the pre-made lasagna in the oven. Suddenly, the mobile phone rings. Private number.
- Hello? - Darleen asked.
- FROM THE OTHER SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!!!! - the other person answered. Darleen laughed.
- Who are you? - Darleen asked.
- Someone you know - the other person said.
- If I knew you, I'd have your number - Darleen said.
- ...
- Excuse me, but I have-
- NO, FOR REAL YOU KNOW ME!!! - the person screamed - I BET YOU CAN RECONGNIZE ME!!
- Sorry, I can can't recongnize you.
- Are you sure? Doesn't my voice seem familiar? - the other person whispered.
- ... Maybe - in fact, Darleen noticed something familiar in that voice - Wait... NO WAY!
- YES WAY!!!! - Darleen heard an evil laugh. No, it couldn't be. It just couldn't be.
- I bet you cutted the wires!! - Darleen screamed.
- You're smart - the other person said - Unfortunately, the world will never know your widsom.
- What do you mean by that? - Darleen asked.
- That's a little obvious, don't you think?
Yeah, it was WAY obvious. A smell of burning filled the house.
- Your lasagna is ready - the person laughed. Smoke was getting out of the oven. Darleen opened it and tried to took the lasagna out, but it was so hot... it fell on the floor along with her, upon the wires, triggering a fire.
- OH NO!!! - Darleen screamed as the fire started burning her skin. The fire wouldn't let her breathe. She was getting weaker at every second. Her lungs were overflowing the smoke. No breath, no moving, no chances. It was the end of her. And the worst was, no one was able to help her. Like she was screaming and no one could hear her.
Finally, the classes were about to finish. Dirk was waiting for his parents in front of the school.
- They're is taking a little longer than usual... - he nodded. Weird. In a normal day, his mother would be waiting for him in the car by that moment. His dad was working, so who would pick him up?
 Dirk sat on the floor, impatient. Why wasn't his mother there? She was always there. She promised she won't ever fail, she would always be there for him. Dirk trusted his mother with all his heart.
"She's just a bit late, but I know she's coming!" Dirk thought, and smiled. And then, he saw his mother's car. She was coming.
- Mommy!! - he screamed and runned for the car. However, is mother wasn't in the car; His father was driving. He hugged him.
- Hi dad!!
- Hi kiddo! - Darren stroked his son's hair - How was your day?
- Boring - Dirk answered - How was yours, dad?
Dirk noticed his father shedding a tear.
- Why are you crying? - he asked, but his father couldn't answer. He just drove home, without saying a word. Dirk didn't understand. Why was his father crying? Where was his mother?
- Daddy? - he asked.
- Dirk?
- W... where's mommy?
Darren held his breath and, in a sea of tears, explained Dirk.
- Mommy is dead.
This words hit him like a wrecking ball. His heart broke. And now his mother wasn't there to hold his hand and tell him "I'm here for you".

No, it couldn't be real. His mom couldn't be dead. She had to be somewhere, waiting for him with her arms open. She couldn't be gone forever. How was he going to survive? What if daddy falls in love with another person and forgets mom forever? Now without mom, there was an empty space in the family, an empty space in his heart. And nothing could ever fill the space.
Darleen had always wanted a funeral has it "should be". All her closest ones should be in the church and do a speech in her memory, and then she would be buried in her backyard. Dirk wanted to go, but his dad wouldn't let him. Mortimer agreed in taking care of him and Alexander while Darren was in the funeral. Dirk went for the Goth Manor's living room, where Alexander was sitting.
- Hi friend... how are you? - Alexander runned for his friend. Tears flowed on Dirk's face.
- My heart has an empty space and no one can fill it - Dirk cried.
- I know how it feels... I mean, my mom disappeard two years ago and she hasn't returned yet... I'm not sure if she will ever return to us... If we will be a full family again... - Alexander shed a tear. Dirk hugged him and they cried togheter.
- This is weird... - Alexander said.
- What?
- Everytime I talk about my mom, I freeze and I'm afraid everyone will start telling me to get over this, like it's easy to get over your own mom - Alexander explained - You're the first person that understands me, you even hugged me!
- I know how you feel... Once one of your parents is gone forever, it leaves a broken heard that is never completely fixed. You need someone who cares about you to carry on, you need a friend - Dirk said.
- You are my friend... - Alexander held Dirk's hand.
- I am, and you're my friend too... - Dirk drew a smile in his face.
- And we'll be always here for each other, right? Whenever you need a friend, remember you have me and you'll always have - Alexander said. Dirk kissed his friend's cheek.
- You'll always have me too...

And, for the first time on his life, Dirk knew he would survive. With a friend on his side, he would survive.


Note: Nevermind the "wrecking ball" kkkkkkkkk.

"Same Souls", 1st Chapter - Neighbours

-Our story starts in a sunny day, in the Goth Mansion-

71 years ago, Gunther Goth arrived at the town which would be called Pleasantview, and there he had a son, named Mortimer. Now, with 51 years old and carrying the fact that he was the only son of the Pleasantview founder, Mortimer Goth was drinking a coffee before go to work. He was the scientist who created the Elixir of Life. He got famous because of that. Despite the fame and the money, Mortimer wasn't really happy. His wife, Bella, disappeard a year ago and nobody have seen her again. There were some rummors that she were kidnapped by aliens. Mortimer was thinking about her when his carpool appeard.

- CASSIE! - he screamed - I'm leaving. Take care of your little brother!
- OK DAD!! - Cassandra screamed. Cassandra was Mortimer and Bella's daughter. She was 22 years old and her brother, Alexander, just turned 6. Cassie was in her father's bedroom, with her brother.

- Why daddy is always working? - Alexander asked. He missed to spend time in family, like when his mom was with them.
- Daddy has to work to earn money for us to buy things and travel - Cassandra explained to her little brother.
- But I miss him! - Alexander cried softly.
- Don't cry, lil bro, he will be back at 7 p.m. and so he can play with you - Cassandra comforted her brother. Suddenly, the doorbell rang.
- Who is? Who is? - Alexander got excited.
- I'm gonna see.
Cassandra ran to the door and opened it. A smiling woman greeted Cassandra.

- Cassie! - she exclaimed - My friend!
- Darleen! Come in! - Cassandra answered. Darleen Dreamer was her neighboor and her friend. She and her family were emigrants from Mozambique and Darren was working at the same enterprise as Bella, Cassandra's missed mother. Darleen entered with Cassandra and they started talking.
- So, do you have some news? Is your family OK? - Cassandra asked.
- Yeah, it's all good. Guess what, my son is just like his father! He wants to be an artist! - Darleen told.
- Who, Dirk? Oh, I haven't seen him since he was a baby! How old his him now?
- Well, now he's 7 years old, and he will complete 8 in May.
- Just 2 years older than my brother - Cassandra observed.
- Maybe you can go to my house tomorrow, with your brother. The boys can play and we can talk. My husband would like to see you - Darleen invited.
- Ok, we'll go. Alex has been complaining that he has noboby to play with, so he will like to see your son.

- Oh gosh, I have to go - Darleen said, checking her phone - My husband needs my help. Bye, Cassie. Take care.
- Bye, Darleen.

Darleen left the house and Cassandra sat in the sofa. A few minutes after, her dad arrived at home.
- Excellent day at work - Mortimer exclaimed - Cassie? Alex?
He found Cassandra at the living room and kissed her check.
- Good afternoon, honey? Where's your brother?
- Probably in his bedroom, playing - Cassandra answered.
- Good for him.
Cassandra got up.
- Darleen was here. Tomorrow I'll visit her with Alex so he can play with Darleen's son.
- Well, he needs to play with other kids. He is still so sad with mom's dissapearance... - Mortimer nodded.
- Just like you, dad.

The next day...

- Go kiss Darleen and Darren - Cassandra said to her brother - Show them you're a well-behaved boy.
Alexander obeyed her sister and then Dirk appeard at the yard.
- Hi Alex! You've grown since the last time I saw you!
- I'm just 6 years old...
- I'm 7, so, we are almost in the same boat - Dirk answered.

- So, let's play something? - Alexander suggested.
- Sure!
Meanwhile, the adults were inside, talking.

- So Cassandra, I heard that you are dating that boy, Don Lothario. Is that true? - Darren asked.
- Yes... - Cassandra said. Darren noticed that she was a bit sad.
- Are you ok?
- Not much.
- Why? - Darleen asked - If Don hurted you, I'll kill him personally!

- Keep calm, Darleen. He didn't hurt me, he's just a bit hypocrite sometimes...
- Why? - Darren asked.
- Well, I always have to look gorgeous and hot for him, but not to much, because he doesn't want other man to look at me. He always gets mad at me if I talk with other boys, but he's always hanging out with lots of beautiful girls... - Cassandra told.
- Cassie, you don't deserve an asshole like him! Sorry, but if I was you, I would break up with him now!! - Darleen exclaimed, wroth.
- I can't do that, I'm not fearless like you, Darleen - Cassand
ra told, ashamed.
- So just tell him he have to respect you. And if he breaks up with you, don't be afraid, you just win in "lose" a boy like him!
- I'll do it. Th
anks Darleen - Cassandra thanked - But now it's late, I have to go. My dad already called me three times...
- Thank you for your visit! - Darren smiled.

Cassandra walked toward the door and called Alexander.
- Alex!! We have to go!
Alexander was still in the yard, playing with Dirk.

- Goodbye Dirk - Alexander hugged his new friend - Thank you for playing with me!
- You're so funny... I never had a friend like you - Dirk told him.
- Well, now you have me. You can play with me whenever you want.

- Bye, Alex - Dirk greeted - Take care.
And the Goth siblings leave the Dreamers' house. "Nice to meet you, friend" Dirk got excited to have someone he can call "friend". Before Alexander, Dirk had no friends. The other kids didn't understand him. He was a sensible boy who hated violence, and the other boys enjoyed to play violent games and being violent for each other. But Alex, he was different. And he would be the best friend Dirk ever had...
By the time Dirk went to his bed, his parents also were in their bedroom, talking.

- Cassandra is a really nice girl - Darren commented - That Don Lothario don't deserve her.
- Unfortunately, love blinded her... She can't see that he's a stupid machist - Darleen added, convinced.
- Cassandra is intelligent, she will find it sooner or later! - Darren said.
- That's right. At least I have you instead of a Don...
- I love you, darling - Darren cuddled his wife.

- I love you too, sweetie - Darleen answered.
Darren kissed her.

And then everyone fell asleep. Sweet dreams...

Note: They were recreated by me. Their houses aren't the original, ignore that. I tried to make them look like the originals.

Prologue: "Same Souls" The Sims 2 Fanfict

Pleasantview. A peaceful town with a peaceful story... or no. In fact, Pleasantview is everything but peaceful. Before and since Bella Goth's case, a lot of secrets, lies and stories have been present in the town. And they are about what? Guess what... LOVE. Love is something that have lots of meanings, and that's what rock out the people in Pleasantview. So, are you ready?

First chapter tomorrow!